"Are reservations required to attend classes?"

All of our classes are drop-in. This means: come take a class whenever it suits your schedule! There is no need to call or register unless you want to attend a special workshop, and then it's a great idea to reserve your space. Otherwise, we do not take reservations. This includes those who have purchased a Groupon.

"Do I need  to begin with the Intro class?"

That is totally up to you! It is there for you if you feel like you want a more basic introduction to Kundalini Yoga, however all Kundalini Yoga classes are designed for beginners and advanced alike. 

Drop-in to any class anytime. You never need a reservation to attend a regularly scheduled class. 

"Do I need  to bring my own yoga mat to class?"

You  are encouraged to bring your own yoga mat, however, we do have a few mats that we loan out in case you forget yours, 

or do not yet own a mat.

"In the Pay it Forward Prosperity Project, do I have to give to receive, or can I just enter to receive?"

You are free to do as you wish. Maybe you're experiencing a tight budget this month, and need a little help.

Perhaps next month, or next year, you can can pay it forward. Listen to your heart.

Teacher Training

​We are offering both Level One

and Level Two trainings in 2017.

Nashville's first Kundalini Yoga studio. Specializing in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 
   Along with Kundalini Yoga, we also offer Naam Yoga, Shakti Naam, Prenatal Yoga, Oneness Blessing, healing circles, 

sound healing, teacher trainings, retreats, and more.

Pay it Forward

​Get in the Flow.

Receive FREE yoga classes,

and/or pay it forward.

We are located at 1218 Wedgewood (at the corner of Wedgewood Ave and 12th in the Wedgewood Center)

Upcoming Events

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