Join Dr. Stephanie Mouton on Summer Solstice for a special practice! 
The Isht Sodhana Mantra
Sunday, June 21  11am-12:30

A perfect mantra for the Earth energy is the Isht Sodhana Mantra "Dhartee Hai, Akasha Hai, Guru Ram Das Hai".
It connects the Earth and the vastness of the ether and projects it from the heart. It is done with visualization. It makes
you present, calls on your highest spirit, keeps you humble and effective on your new ventures, and attracts
opportunities for prosperity.

“My dear ones, you want your prayers to be effective.  You want your ultimate destiny to manifest.  This kriya can do it.  I know
there are thousands of kriyas that we do, but it just takes one done well and this is the one for isht sodhana to manifest.” -Yogi Bhajan