NEXT TEACHER TRAINING is an Aquarain Teacher Level II Course in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. The course is called
'Mind & Meditation' and will be taking place on the following weekends: July 24, 25, 26, 31st, and August 1 and 2.
This is a 60 hour course offered to anyone who has completed the Level I Aquarian Teacher Training.
Please contact for more info or to sign up.

Level I Kundalini Yoga teacher training is for anyone
! Would you love to deepen your practice, connect deeply to your soul, leave behind old limiting patterns and increase your quality of life? Many choose to take the training just for these reasons, and not necessarily to teach. Often, these same folks decide that their experience just HAS to be shared. Many simply take the training to connect deeply within and heal. Either way, the training is a life changing experience and we would love you to join us!

We are currently in the midst of Level I Teacher Training and planning for another
one soon. If you are interested in attending, please contact to get on our list!



Nashville, Level I Aquarian Teacher Training Testimonials:

“As you know, I wasn’t interested in the training to become a teacher, but to gain the personal growth:
The teacher training at Kundalini Rising Nashville was the best investment that I have ever made in my personal and spiritual growth. It deepened my dedication and discipline to
my yoga and meditation practice and enriched many other areas of my life. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to train with the Pritpals and I am honored that I was able to
participate in the first Kundalini Yoga training in Nashville. Sat Nam.”
Suzanne Gordan / Saranpal Kaur

“The Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training offered by the Pritpals at Kundalini Rising Yoga in Nashville, TN was the single most highly transformational experience of my life. There was a gentle and cozy feeling enveloping the entire program that was not only due to the energy of the Pritpals, but also the actual space held and mothered by Crystelle. Our group was intimate and the studio attracted and further nurtured that atmosphere. This particular Teacher Training offering is (w)hol(l)y unique. If you are looking to be challenged to become the effortlessly magnificent being that you are--to be given the tools to live in and out your fullest, highest potential--then this training is for you. It doesn't have to be treacherous. There is a peace, an ease to arriving home, knowing that it never ends. Liberate yourself and join this gem of training program that will surely assist you in deepening your practice and experience of living. You must know how rare this form of opportunity is and how appropriate it is for you to welcome it into all that is You.”
Siri Dev

“Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training was an invaluable opportuity & gift for my livelyhood & well being. This program, offered by the Pritpals, holds a space to safely, intimately engage and participate in our own evolutional understanding and development of self from the inside out, as it simultaneously sheds awareness into the sacred space we already hold within us. It lays a foundation of perspective through group & individual participation, allowing opportunity to share or sit in silence as it covers a vast measure of fundamental
basics that bring us to the present facets of who and where we are right now. The structure of this 6 month course allows for thorough reflection and integration to assimilate the experiences gifted within the application of this essential instruction and wisdom. I feel grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to take part in such a venture!”
Candyce Krohn / Dayaljeet Kaur