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Crystelle Brown (Sarab Sital Kaur)

Deeply dedicated to serving humanity as we experience these
intensely changing times, Crystelle feels that Kundalini Yoga
is one of the best tools to help support us in gracefully
navigating our lives. Having studied various forms of healing
for over 12 years. She has found nothing to be powerfully
transformational, efficient, self-empowering and self-initiating
as Kundalini Yoga.

“The first Kundalini Yoga class I participated in left me feeling like I
had found my true calling. With Kundalini Yoga, you are taking full
responsibility for yourself, for your healing. You can ‘be healed’ by
someone else, or you can take an active role in initiating
your own inner healing yourself (true empowerment)- The practice
of Kundalini Yoga does not discriminate,it meets you right where you are,
and it gives everyone the opportunity to step into their true power. One of
the greatest things about it is that you are healing yourself while
simultaneously doing your part to heal the entire planet...”

"A committed practice brings true, deep and lasting healing!"

Crystelle guides and holds the space for you to begin to tap
into the dormant creative life energy (the Kundalini energy)
that lies within each of us; that energy that allows you to live 
your best life ; your highest truth and potential, your
‘Sat Nam.’

Crystelle also enjoys making handmade malas and mala
inspiredjewelry, you can check them out in the studio or on


Private sessions are available upon request. 
Contact Crystelle: embracehealing@aol.com

 Bethany Hard

Bethany Hard is a certified Naam Yoga Therapist and
instructor of both Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga (certified by
Gurmukh) and the Kabbalah of Birth and Beyond. She has
studied intensely under Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)
since 2004, and is deeply grateful for his tireless dedication
to share these sacred teachings and serve humanity.
Originally from New York, Bethany is a former professional
ballerina and is also certified in Pilates and Gyrotonics.
Fluent in Spanish, she travels regularly to Nicaragua, 
leading yoga retreats, volunteering with children and teens, 
and is also co-founder of the Latina Birthing Project, a
mentoring program for pregnant Latina teens. Bethany
produced and starred in her own Prenatal Yoga DVD in 2012
and co-created and co-founded the I Am Consciousness
Clothing Co. in 2013. She also holds a B.S. in Latin American
and Caribbean Studies. Most importantly, she is the mother
to three small children.

For more information, visit Bethany's website:
Contact Bethany: naamnashville@gmail.com

Stephanie Mouton (Siri Amir Kaur)

Stephanie became interested in yoga in 1968 following a hip
injury from a horseback riding accident. She began after
purchasing a three-dollar beginner yoga book and practicing
in her living room at night after her family of six were sound
asleep. It really helped her hip immensely, and she became a
believer in yoga.
Following Stephanie's medical residency in anesthesiology, she
began sessions in Hatha yoga at home with a private
instructor. Yoga helped to make her job stress more tolerable
and after the birth of her son 13 years ago, she began a
regular practice of ashtanga yoga 4-5 times a week. Hot yoga
was also an occasional alternative, but the icing on the cake
for Stephanie in 2006.
'Kundalini yoga is so powerful in all its technology of
breathwork, movement, sound and meditation. It is almost
inexplicable to convey the effect that it has on a person.
Kundalini must be experienced to know one's soul. It is
a blessing to receive the vibrations that arise in the practice.
I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn
from those who knew Yogi Bhajan. The world needs Kundalini
yoga. My gratitude to all who practice it. It is a service for all.

For more, visit Stephanie's website:

Contact Stephanie: smor80@bellsouth.net

Libba Gillum Miller

Libba is a native Nashvillian practicing yoga since 1991. After
the birth of her daughter in 2004, she studied Iyengar yoga 
Iyengar yoga with Jan Campbell steadily for more than 5 years.
Teaching since 2010, her trainings and major influences
include Jan Campbell, Erich Schiffmann, Angela Farmer,
Judith Hanson Lasater, Paulie Zink, Chase Bogart and Fabio
Andrico. Libba's style of teaching is strongly integrative. Her
fulcrum belief is that the body is a self healing organism. 
Having a meditation discipline for many years, Libba
understands the benefits of meditation and the practice of
yoga as mindful movement.  She is dedicated to benefiting her
students and helping them in their personal exploration of
their self.

Mari Dew

A veteran of the music industry, Mari Dew began practicing yoga in
1998 in LA.  Given a job that involved steady travel, the flexibility
of yoga and the ability to take it on the road made it ideal.  Yoga
became a calming escape from the stress of the business.

Mari has explored many types of yoga, from Hatha to Ashtanga to
Iyengar to Bikram to Vinyasa flow, but is was the discovery of the
DVD Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh in 2001 that cemented her
connection to yoga.  She elaborates, "I was intrigued by the deep
connection to the breath, the prana and different techniques for
breathing, and the idea of coordinating breath with movement.  I
also loved the idea of turning the focus within to the third
eye point in order to increase awareness.  I was hooked.

Her career has taken her around the continent over the last couple
decades, from Dallas to LA to Atlanta to Toronto to Traverse City,
Michigan, but Mari always had a special place in her heart for
Nashville, where she spent her rookie year as a record label rep
in 1994 and bought her first house.  When the opportunity to
take her 200-hour YogaWorks teacher training came up, Mari
packed up and moved back to Nashville and never looked back.

Mari received her teaching certification in the Summer of 2013
and began teaching some traditional yoga classes, but her heart
kept coming back to the Kundalini-inspired Rock My Yoga routine
she had developed over her years on the road.  She presented the
sequence to her teacher and mentor, Crystelle Brown at Kundalini
Rising Yoga, who graciously offered to let her teach it as a new
class at the studio.  Rock My Yoga classes officially began in
January 2014.

Rock My Yoga, like Mari, is still a work in progress that develops
with each week's class.  It is a a high energy sequence, inspired by
Kundalini Yoga and set to a soundtrack that rocks.  Breath is
coordinated with movement and third eye focus to create a
moving meditation, a graceful expression that fuses mind, body
and spirit.  Once the routine is familiar, the idea is to LET GO and
let the music absorb you.

"The goal of Rock My Yoga is to awaken the inner rock god
or rock goddess within each student and empower him/her
to go out and conquer any obstacles…mental or physical,
says Mari, "and  I hope my students will take away a sense
of inner peace, strength and confidence from the class.

Kristianna Simmons (Siri Avtar Kaur)

Kristianna teaches with the intention of guiding students into
transforming the mental, physical, and emotional blocks that
keep them from experiencing their true path and joy in life.

“Kundalini Yoga is one of the most effective and efficient tools
for transforming destructive thought patterns into positive ones, initiating emotional releases from deep within the body, andmost importantly building a loving trusting relationship with theself through developing inner awareness.”

She has dedicated over 12 years to her own self-healing journey including entering into the Nashville Recovery Community for support in overcoming addiction. Kristianna weaves guided imagery, dance, free flow writing and drawing, personal experience, yogic philosophy, and humor into her classes to take students into a deeper awareness and connection with their true infinite self.

“I will hold a loving safe space for you to explore, release, reconnect, and embody who you truly are.”

Private sessions are available upon request. 
Contact Kristianna: Kristianna@recoveryrising.com

Meredith Blis Sincoff  (Sat Shabad Kaur)

Meredith is thrilled to be a part of the Kundalini Rising Yoga Community. Originally from New York City, Meredith arrived in Nashville TN via Taos, NM in the summer of 2010.  She began practicing Kundalini Yoga in 2003 while visiting Taos, NM.  After having studied studying various forms of  yoga & meditation she knew she was on the right path!
As her practice deepened Meredith was thrilled to discover how the technology of Kundalini Yoga changed her life by healing aspects of depression and opening her awareness to the joy in every moment.  This energy continues to grow as well as her gratefulness of the blessings that life has to offer.
In the Spring of 2006  Meredith completed her teaching certification from Universal Force Healing Center in New York City.  Most  recently, Meredith completed a teacher training course for the Bound Lotus Kriya/Meditation with Mahan Kirn Kaur Khalsa.  This experience, as well as the opportunity to learn and share this practice has been an amazing gift. 
Meredith’s other passion in life is music. She is a singer, songwriter, pianist, music theory nerd and music instructor.
For more information, visit Meredith's website: MeredithBlis.com

Private sessions are available upon request. 
Contact Meredith:contact@meredithblis.com

Candyce Krohn (Dyal Jeet Kaur)
coming soon

Angela Custer (Devi Kirin Kaur)

Angela is accredited through Yoga Alliance 500RYT and a 500ERYT (CEC provider) this November 2012.  Angela is a lifetime international fitness professional, ACSM, ACE, and AFAA certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor to include all variations of movement and music forms including spinning, kickboxing, weightlifting, dance, and yoga.  She is a veteran certifier/teacher/CEC educator in the group exercise arena.  Angela is a practicing Grand Master Reiki healer, Lightarian, Shamballa, shamanic practitioner, intuitive, and life coach and initiates souls on their spiritual healing path.  She uses her infectious spirit, soul communication, and holistic approach to treat whole (holy) person.   Angela enjoys helping others improve their lives by assisting them in truly exploring their heart on all levels-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmonizing up to 50 chakras in pure love, divine will, and light quotient towards pure potentiality.   Kundalini yoga and meditation liberated her soul, cleansed her mind and body glove, and made space for all infinite vibrations and she is honored to share this royal science and technology with the Nashville community .

Her spiritual gifting/insight have been received through trials, sufferings, deep breath, love for Christ, service, daily devotion, prayer and communication, conscious ascension living, Kundalini yoga, and womb creating.    As a joyful householder, she and her husband have created six beautiful beings and are experiencing Heaven on Earth as wise grandparents. For recreation and enjoying her individual flow and fullest potential she travels as a globetrotting light worker/healer yogini and uses meditative art as a creative manifestation of spirit and reflects spirituality on canvas.   Yoga, Meditation, Manifestation and Creation (in all forms) are the abilities to create a "bridge" between the physical and the spirit -- a bridge that transcends all philosophies and traditions, joining people of all faiths, nationalities & cultures, to explore their growth as spiritual beings.  “Bridge the Gap” with me weekly on Fridays at 11:00am. as conscious co-creators.
Contact Angela: angiexercise@comcast.net or (615)498-7336 for individual healing or life coaching intuitive sessions. 

Lindsay Garric
Lindsay has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 1999 and practicing yoga since 2001. She started "sharing her practice" in 2005 privately, in studios and at the college level. She holds many certifications in many disciplines including Yoga, Functional Training, Special Populations, Clinical Exercise, TRX, Spinning, Reiki and Innovative Body Solutions Resistance Stretching. She offers a blend of traditional and modern styles of asanas/poses with an emphasis on breath and mindfully infused with the four elements of fitness: cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. A passionate meditator, she includes a deep relaxation and meditation within each class. She maintains a daily yoga and meditation practice and considers herself a perpetual student. An honest practitioner of holistic health and wellness personally and professionally, she is grateful to be a part of the Kundalini Rising Community. 

Private sessions and wellness consulting available. 

Teresa Raduazzo (Devinderjit)

I began my practice in 1998 at the Baba Siri Chand Ashram in Altamonte Springs, FL. I took teacher training there in 2002 because I wanted to deepen my practice and learn more about this yoga I loved. I have continued to dig further with Level 2 courses and many seminars along the way. Kundalini yoga helps me find my peace, and I like helping others find theirs. I like that each class—whether I teach it or take it—is an opportunity to learn about myself, about others, and about the connection between us.

Karen Kipke

Karen  has studied yoga in Taiwan and India, where she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Ayurveda Retreat Hospital in Coonoor.  She also has a prenatal yoga teacher certification from YoMama Family Wellness Center in Boulder Colorado.  She is certified to teach the full spectrum of Fertility, Pre-Natal, Post-Partum and Mommy & Me classes.  As Karen’s family grew she continued to study toddler yoga, using the ABC’s of Yoga for Kids as her guide.

Develop your Intuition so that the changes in the years to come may be convenient for you. ~Yogi Bhajan