WHEN: Monday, August 21st  9-10:30am
New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse yoga practice

No need to register in advance. All welcome!

Join Bethany for a special yoga and meditation practice to honor the energies of this momentous event. Energies, whether positive or negative, will be heightened during this time. Let us join together to intensify and expand the Light individually and collectively.

Please note: this class takes place from 9-10:30am (one hour before and in-place-of Bethany's regularly scheduled Monday morning class)

"This is the big one we have all been talking about...it is definitely a time to honor a marker of huge change and the agent of a massive reset. What can you do?_
_Be aware, though a list or a mental awareness, of what you are resetting. Do something that symbolizes coming into a still point, an unplugging, a dropping into the void. Acknowledge the absence of the sun and solar energy as it is eclipsed from the earth for those few moments as symbolizing the absence of what has been feeding old patterns and beliefs for you these past years and maybe your whole lifetime. As the eclipse recedes and the sun comes back, imagine that it is feeding and nourishing and energizing a new you, one that has been reset to a new vibration, a new consciousness, a new frequency." 
-Lena Stevens, The Power Path

$16 or class card

Early bird ends at 10pm CST on 8/14


Some of the benefits possible through the experience of sound healing:

Provides stress relief and deep relaxation 
Repairs and balances the nervous system 
Enhances immunity 
Relieves/ decreases depression or anxiety 
Enhances inner connection/meditation 
Helps to heal or speed recovery from injury 
Improves mental clarity 
Helps to move energy through the body, removing blockages 
Modifies breathing rate and depth, heart rate, and blood pressure 
Entrains the mind to Alpha and Theta state

Early bird ends at 10pm CST on 8/15

Recovery Rising is back! Beginning on Saturday, August 5th at 10am, Kristianna will be holding a regularly scheduled Saturday morning Recovery Rising class. This is not a workshop. This is an ongoing, regularly scheduled class that anyone can drop into anytime. The cost of the class is $16 or you can use your studio class pass. If you have 

any questions, please feel free to email Kristianna@recoveryrising.com