​​​The Subtle Art of Sat Nam Rasayan ​with Siri Simran

Saturday + Sunday, February 8 & 9  10:00am-5:00pm

with a 1.5 lunch break each day

$150 preregistration for both days

$175 after 2/2

(Registration for one day: $100)


A Sat Nam Rasayan course includes Kundalini Yoga Meditation Kriyas and awareness increasing meditation practices. The exercises, done as healer and client, help each participant experience directly their own capacity to open, stabilize and become aware of the sensitive space, of those in their presence, and ultimately the Sacred Sensitive Space.

Sat Nam Rasayan is not only for yoga practitioners and therapists in the healing arts but any interested person who wishes to sharpen the senses and learn meditation or become a healer. No prior experience is necessary.

Sat Nam Rasayan teaches you:
To heal others with only your consciousness and awareness
To integrate Silence & calmness into your life
To experience mental clarity & presence
To find an easy access to the high art of meditation
To handle your feelings, thoughts, & emotions without attachment to them
To develop your intuition

This yogic technology can have many healing benefits even if used solely for relaxation.

Come for the weekend or just for a day.

Private healing sessions with Siri Simran will be offered. Contact Crystelle@kundalinirisingyoga.net for details.

Kundalini Rising Yoga Spring Transformation Weekend 
led by Crystelle & Lori

When: Friday, April 3  - Sunday, April 5 

Where: Gray Bear Lodge



Anyone who studies Sat Nam Rasayan will dive into the world of sensitivity and intuition thereby discovering a path that will guide them to explore the universe free of limitations. Reality has no limits, only self-imposed limitations which you learn to dispel with Sat Nam Rasayan.

Sat Nam Rasayan teaches the practitioner to be in a deep meditative state that opens the mind and awareness to infinite possibilities. In Sat Nam Rasayan we use our meditative mind to heal. Sat Nam Rasayan enhances your awareness of your subtle body and expands the capacity of your meditative neutral mind. This develops your ability to hold the space in everyday life and opens your compassionate awareness so you can be sensitized and conscious to each person or event in your presence. The mind of the Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner becomes transcendent and in the vastness of this consciousness, healing can occur.

By your own awareness you can change the event, the flow of the elements and the prana.

Sat Nam Rasayan is the meditative personality which affects 30 trillion cells in the body” because it controls the Tattvas. And anyone who learns this meditation becomes great automatically. What a fun it is that you just feel and heal”  - Yogi Bhajan.

Yogi Bhajan said when you are doing Sat Nam Rasayan you are doing Raj yoga, using your awareness and your mind simultaneously, which is called the para projective meditative mind.

The base, the source of Sat Nam Rasayan is Shunia, (silence) complete neutrality. We will learn to be stable to produce this state of Shunia which is where the healing happens.

Anyone who studies Sat Nam Rasayan will dive into the world of sensitivity and intuition thereby discovering a path that will guide them to explore the universe free of limitations. Reality has no limits, only self-imposed limitations which you learn to dispel with Sat Nam Rasayan.

Sat Nam Rasayan helps to release unhealthy emotions and tendencies and limitations in the body and mind and (the common reasons for sickness). The self- healing powers of the body become activated and we are able to meet life in a more balanced and clear state.

Yogi Bhajan, one of the great masters of Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan passed this state of consciousness and tradition to Guru Dev Singh in Silence. Guru Dev is the pre-eminent healer and living master of Sat Nam Rasayan.

For thousands of years Sat Nam Rasayan was only taught in silence by one master to one student, and only a few highly developed students were so privileged. The process of training lasted several years, until the student could recognize and maintain a state of neutrality and silence. The practitioners of this art were admired as outstanding healers, and the teachings were recognized as the highest achievements of Yoga.

Yogi Bhajan was convinced that in times of great change, the world would need a strong group of healers. He wanted to make the knowledge of this ancient healing art of the old Yogis accessible for all human beings just as he did with Kundalini Yoga.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a great tool to add to your Kundalini Yoga skills. Especially, if you are or are planning to be a Kundalini Yoga teacher. It gives you the ability to hold the Sensitive Space with greater capacity.


Family Constellations (6 Week Series)

Thursdays 1-3pm

Beginning January 30-March 12 (we skip 2/20)

Dive deep!

In this 6-Week series you will have the opportunity to be a representative in multiple constellations thereby creating a healing ripple effect in both your life, the world at large and the person's constellation who is being facilitated.  In this process, we consciously access the morphogenic field to heal ancestral, systemic and societal patterns.  



*It is always a good idea to register for events in advance (online or in-studio) as many of our events do sell out. If you purchase a ticket online, your name will be placed on a list of pre-registrants, and you will simply check-in at the door. Online registrants should receive a confirmation email from PayPal soon after registering. Tickets will not be mailed.

New Moon Circle + Chakra Sound Journey 

with Mari Dew

Friday, January 24th  7-8:30pm
$20 earlybird / $30 at the door

Celebrate the New Moon in Aquarius (the first new moon of 2020!) and the upcoming Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat) with Mari Dew within a community circle and sound healing to align the chakras.  We will create a container of support in which to work with the energy of Aquarius, an Air sign and the Waterbearer, and as we are now in an Earth year, we will add a little Fire to balance the 4 Elements and align the 7 chakras.  A great start to this auspicious year of 2020 and the beginning of a decade!

The circle will include movement, meditation, chanting mantra and setting a new moon intention, followed by a relaxing sound journey through the seven chakras, featuring drums, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gong, chimes, bells and more.  No experience required and all are welcome.  Call in all the Clarity, Abundance and Prosperity that 2020 has to offer.

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