Workshop Obscura – Reconnecting to Spirit  with Burnell
Saturday, July 25 2:00-6:00pm

This is a mind, body, spirit adventure of ancient practices from around the world.  When humanity moved to cities it lost its connection to Spirit.  What a grave loss. The practices that we will experience will open a door that had been previously closed or rather abandoned by most of humanity. We are so built for making this connection and are the embodiment of sacred geometry that has served us. We will consciously apply this ancient knowledge for healing and divination.  What is possible is still beyond our understanding but not beyond our ability to experience.    We will hold sacred space and direct you through each activity that you may focus on your experience.  A powerful Kundalini yoga meditation to purify the chakras allowing for the removal of subconscious blocks, aiding in new beginnings and the development of siddhis (powers) will be performed.

What to bring: eye cover (bandanna or sleep mask), mat, blanket

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Compassion Meditation with Crystelle

every Tuesday in July 1:00-2:00pm

Use your class pass or make a donation to Kundalini Rising

The Compassion Kriya is a 31 minute mantra meditation using a mantra that works with the Heart Chakra and the Neutral Mind.

We will close with a short Ho'oponopono meditation each week.

This class will meet:

July 7, 14, 21,& 28

'Understand through compassion, or misunderstand the times'

Aquarian Sutra


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Saturday, July 11 

This is a sonic exploration of both new and ancient meditations and practices that utilize your own sound current to create deeper states of awareness and an increase in consciousness. We will practice a Kundalini Yoga Kriya to open to 'Jewel of the Lotus of the Throat' (Kanth Padma) strengthening and activating the Thyroid + Parathyroid glands and the Vishuddha (throat chakra) and explore multiple meditations from both Tantric and Kundalini traditions that vibrate, open, and heal the upper glandular centers, build the strength of the crystal aura, and vibrate the cosmos to clear our path. These meditations have been guarded over time and in many ways, meant for this exact time and space to help humanity go to the next stage of maturity on Earth. 

This workshop will also include a presentation on the Science of Sound & Mantra and  will conclude with an extended Gong Sound Healing.

What to bring: yoga mat, cushion for meditation, blanket, water bottle

Snacks provided

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