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Statement on Yogi Bhajan 

In January of 2020, Pamela Saharah Dyson released a book called Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage; My Life with Yogi Bhajan. In her memoir, she details the experiences she had with the founder of kundalini yoga, the man we have all called “Yogi Bhajan” (Harbhajan Singh Puri). Her courage to come forward publicly with her story catalyzed a space for many other women to feel that it was now safe for them to also openly share their stories of profound betrayal, deceit, and sexual abuse. And, they have. And, it is very dark.

Like many things coming to light during this time on the planet, one can choose how deeply to dive down the rabbit hole for intel. For me, it has been of utmost importance to dive deep; to listen to, to read, and to witness each and every reveal of experience; to take in the perceptions, the truths, the opinions, and the processes of hundreds of members of what I have consider my global kundalini yoga family for well over a decade.  In fact, it wasn't until this occurred that I was able to truly realize just how invested I was. There is a vast amount of information surfacing, and just when I think I have my footing . . . .  more is revealed. 

It seems that nearly all spiritual communities go through this, or something very similar, and it is a complex undertaking to sort through the facets of what something like this ultimately means. Each person has their own unique process that they go through in order to alchemize the information and extract the gems of truth for their own personal growth and expansion; which ultimately leads to collective growth and expansion.  It takes time, patience, and much compassion for ourselves, as well as in the witnessing of others' processes (that we may, or may not agree with or understand).

I have devoted close to 15 years of time and energy to practicing and teaching kundalini yoga. Being a part of this global, collective group of humans that share a yogic technology that we held so sacred has been a very significant part of my life. This is a practice that many have experienced upliftment, healing, and just simply elevation from the heaviness that is often a part of life.  

I have witnessed transformations both subtle and profound, and that experience is part of my cellular truth in this moment. Having been a part of the 'coming  together' a group of souls that have a loving connection around the healing that they have experienced has felt like home. As an artist, healer, and dreamer, there has been a comfort in having a deep bond that is felt in intentionally-created community, where we knowingly share the awareness of having come here to do the work of our Soul and what we feel in our hearts as righteous and helpful for the upliftment of all.  It feels like no small thing, and something that makes me stop in my tracks to consider when I am pondering how to move forward in light of all that is unfolding. This common-union is really at the heart of all that we have gathered for.

It is unfortunate, heartbreaking, and frankly, mind-blowing that the same technology that has helped catalyze the healing and moving so many into a happier and healthier life was delivered to us by a man who we now know was a narcissistic abuser and a highly deceitful person posing as a yogic-master, and to this day, consists of a complex web of organizations, corporations, practices, and, well . . . human beings -- each with a story to tell. 

God works in mysterious ways, and no one being owns the technology of yoga. Things that we would once 'bet our lives on' being true and real are getting a complete shakedown in every corner of our consciousness. This (along with everything that is happening on earth right now) is certainly a part of humanity's 'growing up', liberation, and return to sovereignty. 

My story as it stands in this moment is written here . . . still in the midst of my own personal process (like many are!). . . and I say wholeheartedly that I believe the women and men who have come forward with their stories of betrayal, and it is with deep compassion that I honor the courage it took to do so. I commit to continuing to listen to these voices as well as the voice of my Soul in this ever evolving experience, and supporting others in doing the same.

I watch and listen as the Hand of the Divine is at play . . always.

All Love,


August 29, 2020

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